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Salem Parks Foundation is a 501(c) 3 Charitable Organization - EIN 93-1300126
  • Bush's Pasture Park Gazebo & Rose Garden
  • Riverfront Park Carousel
  • Statue Honoring Governor Tom McCall in Riverfront Park
  • Christmas in the Park
  • Splash Pad at Fairmount Park
  • Parks Are For People!
  • Game Table and Chairs in the Park
  • Wallace Marine Park
  • Annual Dragon Boat Races
  • Union Street Pedestrian Bridge
  • Enjoying the Park!
  • SPF Dedication of Water Fountain
  • Peter Courtney Minto Island Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge
  • Soap Box Derby Days
  • Hoodview Park
  • New Playground at McKay Park
  • Riverfront Park
  • Pringle Creek
  • Crooked House in Bush's Pasture Park
  • Royal Oaks Playground
  • Eco-Earth Globe in Riverfront Park

What We Do

The Salem Parks Foundation is a dedicated group of volunteers located throughout Salem. While we are not a City of Salem agency, we enjoy a great relationship with them. Our mission is to improve, enhance, and advocate for the park system of Salem, Oregon, through financial and community support.  We raise funds and work with other community organizations and individuals to improve Salem's parks. We invite you to explore our web site, find out what we're up to, and get involved. 

The Value in Parks


Parks that are beautiful, easily accessible, safe and in good repair means that the citizens of Salem will lead happier and healthier lives. To make this possible requires a small army of park professionals, city officials, volunteers, taxpayers, donors and most of all, people that enjoy our parks by playing, walking, birdwatching, biking, running, sitting on park benches to enjoy and much more!

Park Improvements

Through the years, Salem Parks Foundation has funded bicycle repair stations, barbeques, partial funding for a cricket pitch, mutt mitts, chin-up bars, splash fountain timers, community garden planting beds, chess tables, and much more. Since the program began in 2004, SPF has funded 77 projects in 58 Salem Neighborhood parks. We're definitely here for you!

Parks Enhance Our Daily Lives

Nature can do more than physicians.

A famous quote from Oliver Cromwell

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

A famous quote from John Muir

Nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude.

A famous quote from Louie Schwartzberg

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.

A famous quote from Mattie Stepanek

Things You Can Do To Help Our Parks!


    Donate tp SPF Financially   

    Your financial donation can make the biggest and most immediate impact for the park's improvement needs. Many companies that you already use support the important work of the Salem Parks Foundation by providing opportunities for the public to donate, purchase products and/or support programs that benefit our projects.




    Support the Eco-Earth Project!

    The iconic mosaic sculpture known as Eco-Earth is deteriorating and needs your help. Time and weather have taken its toll on this beloved community project that was gifted to the City in 2003 and we are asking the community to raise the funding needed to restore Eco-Earth!

    The cost of restoration is estimated at $400,000.

    Donations may be made to Salem Parks Foundation designated to Eco-Earth.

    Checks may be mailed to:
    Salem Parks Foundation
    P.O. Box 5764
    Salem, OR 97304

    or you may donate on-line here:

    All donations help, no matter the size!


    Donate Your Great Ideas & TIme

    The Neighborhood Park Grant Program is one of the ways to donate to Salem parks using your ideas. Take a look at your park and how you use it. Are there ways it could be better? More lighting, a new piece of equipment, a sports field? Take your ideas to your neighborhood association and apply for a grant. This donor supported program of the Salem Parks Foundation can also be used in combination with the City of Salem’s Salem Parks Improvement Fund (S.P.I.F.) grant program to improve your neighborhood park.

    Our Projects...

  • Owl Attack Signs

    Buy Barred Owl Attack Signs

    Owl attacks in the parks may occur during mating and nesting seasons. The Barred Owl is very territorial and can be quite an aggressive bird, so it is important to be aware and on the look-out for them at certain times of the year. 

    Owl attack signs posted around the parks provide warnings to be on the lookout. Anyone can purchase an owl attack sign and we offer them in two sizes.

    Buy Owl Warning Signs

Salem Parks Foundation Endowment

Salem Parks Foundation has established a dedicated fund within the Oregon Community Foundation to provide a permanent source of revenue for Salem parks. The fund is supported by the annual Fall fundraising event, "Pinot for the Parks," and by designated donations.

Having community parks and a wide variety of recreational facilities provide many benefits for the people of caring cities.
  • • Promoting health & wellness through activities for individuals & families
  • • Providing a variety of recreational experiences for all ages
  • Bringing people together for various functions & projects
  • • Protecting environmental resources that would otherwise go untended
  • • Supporting economic immpact through park improvements
  • • Strengthening the community & attracting tourism

We Invite You To Get Involved!


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