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Salem Parks Foundation is a 501(c) 3 Charitable Organization - EIN 93-1300126

How we got started and what we do!

History ...

Since September 2000...

Salem Parks Foundation began with a small group of park advocates in Salem, Oregon, who were concerned about the long term future of Salem’s city parks. Noticing that public funding was shrinking, these volunteers sought to raise public awareness of the importance of parks to community livability and began raising funds to enhance and improve Salem parks.

Salem Parks Foundation filed August 4, 2000, with the State of Oregon Corporation Division as a public benefit corporation and received 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the IRS on December 14, 2004. Our Employee Identification Number is 93-1300126

Mission ...

Salem Parks Foundation (SPF) is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose mission is to improve, enhance, and advocate for the park system of Salem, Oregon, through financial and community support.

SPF raises money for park improvements mainly through public donations and by applying for grants. SPF has no paid staff and very few overhead costs, so that most of the money raised can go to parks. Donors may designate that their gifts benefit specific parks and projects.

Programs . . .

  • Park Improvements

    SPF offers an annual grant program to City of Salem designated Neighborhood Associations for improvements to parks within their association boundaries. SPF board members meet with each of Salem’s 18 Neighborhood Associations and award around $10,000 annually for City of Salem approved projects. Occasionally, the SPF board will initiate a special park project with the involvement of the nearby neighborhoods. SPF coordinates with the City of Salem to ensure that all proposed projects adhere to city planning and guidelines.


  • Advocacy

    SPF advocates for City of Salem parks by providing testimony to the City Council regarding the funding of the park system and by working with other organizations to raise awareness of park benefits and needs. SPF provides assistance and information to other groups wishing to add improvements to local parks. SPF also sponsors the annual event, “Take a Walk in the Park,” to celebrate the Spring opening of City parks.


Salem Parks Foundation has established a dedicated fund within the Oregon Community Foundation to provide a permanent source of revenue for Salem parks. The fund is supported by the annual Fall fundraising event, “Pinot for the Parks,” and by designated donations.

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