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Special Project for 2021-2023: Restoring the Eco-Earth Globe 

Neighborhood Park Grant Program –2023

Each spring we offer grants to Salem's Neighborhood Associations for improvements to their local parks. If you have an idea for improving the city park near you, contact your Neighborhood Association and suggest they apply for a Salem Parks Foundation grant. See a copy of the application form here. 

Click Here for Neighborhood Park Grant Instructions & Application

The following is a list of the projects funded by our Neighborhood Park Grants since 2013:


  • D Street Park - Information kiosk (NESCA)

  • McKay Park - 2 picnic tables (NOLA)

  • Minto-Brown Park - Entrance sign noting "Wildlife Refuge" (SWAN)

  • Morningside Park - Bench and Mutt-Mitt dispenser (Morningside NA)

  • Northgate Park - Pollinator Garden (Northgate NA)


  • Brown Road Park - Gravel pathway (NOLA)

  • Bush's Pasture Park - Renovate sundial area in Rose Garden (SCAN)

  • Englewood Park - Restore storm-damaged pollinator garden (NEN)

  • Fairview Park - New bench along pathway (Morningside)

  • Geer Park - Two new benches near bike track (NESCA)

  • Lee Park - New picnic table (SESNA)

  • Nelson Park - Replace drinking fountain at tennis court (SWAN)

  • Northgate Park - New bench near playground (Northgate)

  • Orchard Heights Park - New bench (West Salem)


  • Aldrich Park - Repairs to multi-use court (SESNA)
  • Brown Road Park - Pollinator Garden (NOLA)
  • Clark Creek Park - New landscaping at playground (Morningside)
  • Nelson Park - Replace park bench (SWAN)
  • Thorp Park - Information kiosk (NESCA)


  • Aldrich Park - Replacement floor for gazebo/picnic shelter (SESNA)
  • Brown Road Park - Soccer goals for practice field (NOLA)
  • Mutt Mitt dispenser (CANDO)
  • Grant Park - Outdoor chess table (Grant Neighborhood Assoc.) Hoover Park - Information kiosk (NESCA)
  • Hoover Park - Information kiosk (NESCA)
  • Morningside Park - New bench near multi-use court (Morningside Neighborhood Assoc.)


  • Clark Creek Park – Sealing and striping of multi-use court (Morningside Neighborhood Association)
  • McKay Park - Benches/Bike Rack for new Playground Area (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association - NOLA)


  • Ellen Lane Community Garden – Garden beds (West Salem Neighborhood Association)
  • McKinley School Park – Bench refurbishing (South Central Association of Neighbors - SCAN)
  • Morningside Park – Sealing and striping of multi-use court (Morningside Neighborhood Association)
  • Richmond School Park – Berm removal (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association - SESNA)
  • Sunnyslope Park – Picnic shelter (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)
  • West Salem Park – New drinking fountain (West Salem Neighborhood Association)


  • Brown Road Park – Motion sensor light for garden shed (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association - NOLA)
  • Ellen Lane Community Garden – Benches and planter boxes (West Salem Neighborhood Association)
  • Stephens - Yoshikai Park – Cricket pitch (Northgate Neighborhood Association)
  • Sunnyslope Park – Picnic shelter & tables (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)


  • Brown Road Park – Irrigation and seeding of open play area (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association - NOLA)
  • Pringle Park – Play structure, “The Comet” (Central Area Neighborhood Development Association - CANDO)
  • Richmond School Park – ADA picnic table, on concrete pad (Southeast Salem Neighborhood Association - SESNA)


  • Brown Road Park – Irrigation, trees, and shrubs (North Lancaster Neighborhood Association – NOLA)
  • Livingston Park – Safety Lighting (Lansing Neighborhood Association)
  • Morningside Park – Slide and swings (Morningside Neighborhood Association)
  • Northgate Park – BBQ grill/Mutt Mitt dispenser (Northgate Neighborhood Association)
  • Riverfront Park – Bike pump/Bike work stand (Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization – CANDO)
  • Sunnyslope Park – Soccer goals/Basketball backboards (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)


  • Sunnyslope Park – Picnic tables/Mutt Mitts (Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association)
  • Bailey Ridge Park – Picnic tables/Small bridge/Trail surfacing (SouthWest Association of Neighbors – SWAN)
  • Grant School Park – Playground equipment (Grant Neighborhood Association)
  • Bush’s Pasture Park – ADA ramp for playground/2 spinners (South Central Association of Neighbors – SCAN)

McKay Park Playground Replacement Project

New Playground Installed!

Thank you Donors!