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Owl Attack Warning Signs For Sale


Available Owl Attack Warning Sign Options

Owl attacks in parks may occur during mating and nesting season. The Barred Owl can be very aggressive, and there were three early morning attacks in Bush Park in late winter of 2015.
The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC designed signs for Salem, as a joke, and the City asked permission to use them. Signs were posted in Bush Park as warnings to park users. There have been no attacks in Salem parks reported since, but the "Attack Owl" signs went viral and were purchased worldwide.
Salem Parks Foundation still offers replicas of the signs for sale including one autographed by the graphic artist Allegra Flores,  from The Rachel Maddow Show. Allegra came to Salem in September 2015 to receive an "At Your Service" award on behalf of The Rachel Maddow Show at the City's Volunteer Recognition Ceremony.

Purchase Options:

  • 12x12 inch Plastic Owl Attack Sign ...   $50
  • 12x12 inch Metal Owl Attack Sign ...     $75
  • 18x18 inch Metal Owl Attack Sign ...     $200
Sign Options

The Owl Sign Sales Have Helped Salem Parks!

The photo below shows the swing set at Lower Feffelle Playground in Bush Park, purchased with some of the money raised by selling the signs.

The YouTube video below was produced by a sign owner in Florida!